About LNG Internet of Things

LNG Internet of Things is the information service platform of LNG Industry Chain.


We will provide all-round information services for LNG industry, such as information sharing, dynamic reporting and trend analysis; help enterprises to promote their network and enhance their visibility; connect industry resources effectively to create value and business opportunities; build LNG mall carefully to facilitate the purchase of spare parts; develop "wing brand" products independently. The products includes Wing Information, Wing Driver Assistant, Wing Transportation and Transport Management Platform, etc. The company will help traditional enterprises become Internet ones.

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Industry Enterprises

Integrate LNG industry-wide resources to serve industry enterprises

LNG liquid works

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) factories purify pipeline raw gas at ultra-low temperature-162 degrees Celsius to make it liquid and sell it to customers. At present, there are 380 LNG factories in mainland China. LNG Internet of Things has cooperated with most liquid factories on-line, and its large data platform has achieved a comprehensive tracking record of the whole country's liquid factories.

LNG Device Vendor

LNG equipment manufacturers provide LNG equipment manufacturers and distributors with individual parts or complete sets of equipment. At present, there are tens of thousands of LNG-related equipment providers in China. LNG Internet of Things has achieved online business cooperation with many LNG equipment providers in the industry. Its self-developed and operated LNG Internet of Things e-commerce platform has attracted hundreds of LNG equipment providers.

LNG Carrier Enterprise

LNG carriers use LNG transport fleet to fill LNG from upstream liquid factory or receiving station, and then transport LNG to end users. At present, LNG Internet of Things has achieved business cooperation with more than 500 LNG carriers. Its self-developed Wing Yun Transport Management Platform and Wing Rover Driver Assistant have achieved a comprehensive tracking record of all the logistics fleets of cooperative LNG carriers.

LNG filling station

LNG filling station is a filling station for LNG heavy trucks in China. At present, more than 4000 LNG filling stations have been built in the mainland of China. It has cooperated with most stations. The wing driver assistant has covered more than 3400 LNG filling stations. Point-to-Point products have realized intelligent monitoring and unattended.


June: Launching Teaching Platform named "Gas Forum"
July: Launching E-commerce Platform
August: Undertaking the Natural Gas Development Seminar of the Three Northeast Provinces The 3rd National LNG Industry Development Forum opened in Tianjin
September: Attending World Internet of Things Expo 2018
November:Cooperating with CNOOC, China Natural Gas Group and Shiyuan Group and participating in the first multimodal operation of LNG tank in China


May: Launching the first live broadcasting platform in the industry
June: LNG Internet of Things Cup "Top Ten Excellent Enterprises Selection Activities Opened in China"
August: Cooperated with Shanghai Lingzhi to launch the Internet of Things product "point for treasure"
The 2nd National LNG Industry Development Forum opened in Shenyang, Liaoning Province
September: Opened the voice broadcasting business of LNG industry.
December: LNG Internet of Things became the only domestic cooperative media of the most famous LNG conference (LNG2019).


January: The first LNG filling station in China cooperated with Jinzhou Guangda Gas Company to launch the LNG logistics management platform for wing rhyme transportation.
March: Participated in the International LNG Summit and Achieved Media Cooperation
April: Launched LNG Industry Cloud Map
May: First NGV International Large Industry Equipment Exhibition
July: Strategic Cooperation with PetroChina and Italy Property Insurance
August: The First National LNG Industry Development Forum opened in Huludao, Liaoning Province
December: "Safety Star" National Top Ten Safety Enterprises Selection Activities Opened


June: Establishment of Shanghai Yiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd.
August: LNG Internet of Things official website and Wechat subscription number operated
September: Launched the services of daily LNG quotation analysis for national liquid factories
November: Attended Beijing Industry Authoritative Conference to reach media cooperation for the first time
First Interview with the National Famous LNG Energy Enterprise ENN Group.
December: Participated in the annual meeting of LNG Branch of China Gas Association and became a member enterprise